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Torrent Details For "General of all American Intelligence - 9/11 was a fraud"

General of all American Intelligence - 9/11 was a fraud

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Name:General of all American Intelligence - 9/11 was a fraud
Title: General of all American Intelligence - 9/11 was a fraud!
General of all American Intelligence - 9-11 was a fraud!.mp4 - 5min 16s 320 x 180

NOTE: Audio is in English just has foreign language hardcoded subtitles, no big deal, this is still bombshell information that must get out to the world :)

Major General Albert "Bert" N. Stubblebine III, head of all intelligence says: Pentagon NOT hit by a plane. WTC 7 brought down by explosives. Media in America is controlled.

A terrible pilot hits pentagon accounting office holding records of missing 3 trillion in oil for money scheme & missing 2.3 trillion in DOD expenses.

Pentagon debris a single 3 foot engine Proven not related to 757.

FBI took all recordings & refuses to show

The FCC had all records on criminals like Paulson, Geithner, Ruben, Summers & others engaging in that illegal activity. But all the records of those illegal trades were destroyed when WTC 7 was brought down by thermite on 9/11!

911 was a public snuff film used to shock the public and enact the end of the Bill of Rights & invasion of oil bearing countries, & make money for private companies like Halliburton, (stock from 10 to 50 a share)!

By destroying the WTC, they were able to cover up theft of gold bullion & destroy illegal financial transaction records performed just prior to the attacks.

Larry Silverstein spends 140 million to make 7 billion almost over night; Silverstein said it was demolished by explosives, (pull it).

It reminds me of CIA man Byrd, the owner of TX School Book Depository, who turned a 2.5 million insider purchase into 26 million dollars thanks to JFK assassination!

Please share this information far and wide, burn the video to DVDs or put it on USB thumbdrives and give them out to friends, family and others.

Please seed as long as possible, at least to a ratio of 1.100, thank you :)

General           : General of all American Intelligence - 9-11 was a fraud!.mp4
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Infos             : 2 channels, 44.1 kHz

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Date Added:28-07-2018 09:14:06

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